Alan Winstone – Trustee and Chairman

I was born in Somerset but have spent most of my working life living in various parts of Wales and now live in beautiful Anglesey. I have recently retired after 35 years working as a Fisheries Scientist and Environment Manager with Natural Resources Wales and its...

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Mr Chris White – Treasurer and Vice Chairman

I started fishing when I was 4 fishing for roach and rudd in the ponds behind our house with one of my dad’s bamboo canes a float made from a seagull feather a bent pin and bread paste. I graduated to river fishing at around age 13 when a 40 mile round trip on my push...

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Mr Roger Thomas – Trustee

Age 59, married with two grown up sons. Graduate in Metallurgy and after a multi-disciplinary career with significant international experience, spent the final 8 years of my career as a Vice President with Pilkington PLC. Now retired and joined the Trust as a founder...

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Dr Robin Parry – Trustee

“Wedi fy magu yn Sir Fôn yn pysgota’i afonydd rwyf yn feddyg teulu yn Llanberis ers 1989.Rwyf yn gadeirydd ar Gymdeithas Pysgotwyr Seiont,Gwyrfai a Llyfni(sydd wedi ymgyrchu dros gydnabod llygredd Llyn Padarn) ac hefyd yn gadeirydd ar Grwp Pysgodfeydd Lleol Gogledd...

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Mr Richard Maxwell Coventry – Trustee

I have lived in north Wales near a tributary of the Clwyd and not too far from the Conwy for over twenty years now and during that time I have taken a keen interest in the ecology of these rivers and the wildlife which they support. I am the treasurer of the Conwy...

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Reporting an environmental incident

To report an environmental incident such as suspected poaching, pollution or wildlife crime, the dumping of hazardous or industrial waste and illegal abstraction from watercourses etc, call Natural Resources Wales’ incident hotline on 0300 065 3000 (24 hour service).

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